We are not a number - We are DARLINGTON FC!

To anyone who knows what it is like to nearly have their community ripped apart, as very nearly happened to us, we ask for your understanding and support of the fact that we are the same fans, the same heart of the same club we always were and always will be.


Unfortunately the men in suits at the FA saw fit to make the club change its playing name to differentiate it from the club whose history and badge belongs to…. well, us! We are the same club which was formed in 1883 - we are DARLINGTON!

We jumped through as many hoops as could be thrown at us when we set about saving our club from extinction back in 2012 - we were lied to and cheated out of the right to use our given name even though we banded together and bought the assets to the club, took on the footballing debts (which we are now well on course to paying off), and found ourselves with no team, no management, no directors, no-where to play… and then they decided to put their foot right through our teeth by denying us the right to keep calling ourselves, simply, Darlington.

Well, they can’t. We, the descendants of Darlo fans long gone but never forgotten, issue this friendly request to fans of all other clubs:

Dear fellow footie fans:

Please respect our “right to self determination” and refer to us simply as “Darlington” in your match-day Tannoy announcements, media reports, on your websites, and on match-day flyers etc., in fact in any place where you are not legally bound by the FA’s chest-puffing ruling to append our name with the year of our formation.

Thank you for your kind support!


Our eternal thanks to the fans of Barrow for their poignant message of support in our darkest hour

Friends of Darlington Football Club

We’ve received many messages of support from various website owners and editors regarding the fact that we are still the same old Darlo to them, and we’d really like to say thank you to you all - it means a lot to us.

We’re aware that it’s just not possible for some of you to actually drop the numbers from our name but your messages of support are valued all the same. Please spare a moment to visit and like our Facebook Page which is dedicated to preserving and reinforcing our identity:




facebook.gif MYDARLO.CO.UK supports Darlington Football Club in its effort to climb back up through the leagues and regain its former status at a new home in the town.

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