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New club? Old club? Does it really matter?

In January 2012 the previous owner decided to withdraw his support for the club and we entered into our third period of administration. With no buyer willing to come in and take the club over it was left to the fans to band together and do what we could to save our club from extinction.

Without going into too much detail (you can get the gist of it all in this excellent summary by Darlo Uncovered’s Scott Thornberry) here are the answers to a couple of questions which seem to get asked more frequently than others.

Are we a new club, or the same club we always were?

Answer to question 1

Why did we agree to take on the debts of the old club?

Answer to question 2

When will we be old debts be paid off?

Answer to question 3

Moving Back to Darlo
When will we move to Blackwell Meadows?

The current plan is to start playing at Blackwell Meadows at the start of the 2015-2016 season.

What is the exact nature of the groundshare - are we tenants of the Rugby Club (i.e. do we need to pay rent?)

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